Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Residential two story home with dark siding suffered damage from fallen trees

Storm damage

This two story residential home suffered damage following a wind storm in Louisville, KY.  Our crews worked hard to remove debris and begin the cleanup and restoration process so the customer to get back to normal. 

Residential home with a tree that has fallen on the right side of the roof

Storm Damage

This home suffered damage to their roof which caused water damage inside the home during the rain and wind storm.  SERVPRO of South Louisville was able to help the customer find a tree service company to remove the tree, then our crews began working on the cleanup and restoration of the property.

Water not the only issue

Floodwaters obviously pose a threat to homes and other buildings due to the swift force in which they move.  It also brings with it bacteria, debris and mud.  You can see in photo the large amounts of mud that were left behind after flooding entered this basement.

Flooding Affects Local Homes

Rising floodwater are a major concern in any severe storm.  These floodwaters contain not only dirt and debris but harmful bacteria as well.  You can see in photo the that after water had subsided it left behind mud and contamination.

Leaking Roof Caused Big Problems

Severe storms can produce Strong winds and heavy rains.  A falling tree damaged the roof of this home causing it leak gallons of water into the attack of this home. Causing the ceiling to collapse.  

Department Store Floods Due to Storm

In a severe storm floodwater can inflict significant damage.  This department store was flooded when a hurricane caused flooding in it area.  You can see above that it not only was affected by water but by mud and sand as well.